Friday, June 19, 2015


I just attended a forum earlier this week and guess who I ran into in one of the seminar rooms?

My lecturer from Ngee Ann Polytechnic! Gosh, the world is so small. And we were like, how many years have we not seen each other? 10 years!


Sunday, May 31, 2015


It feels good to not do anything; but spend 21 hours of your time, sit in front of a couch, cry your heart and eyes out.

My Love from Another Star

I can resonate with the storyline. Though he's not from another star (hmm, sometimes I beg to differ), but still he's 1612 miles away from me.

Uh fuck, you really need a lot of strength, perseverance and not forgetting faith. Nicholas Sparks once said, "The scariest thing about distance is you don't know if they will miss you or forget about you."

哭得好, 把壓抑, 悲傷, 憤怒, 憂愁與寂寞都哭出來吧!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Darnest Buyers on Carousell

I have my fair share of meeting really weird people on Carousell.

There's one whom took a cab down to my place just to view the product. And she said she had to discuss with her sister - who was the actual buyer, for consideration. Kept asking for a cheaper deal - hello Auntie? Save up on your cab fare would be a more logical approach.

There's also another one whom offered me $100 for a dining set. 1 perfect glass table and 4 chairs, mind you. RRP was 800! I was in the mood to entertain that fella, and replied curtly if he thought I was selling a lego dining set instead.

There was this woman going around, asking people to bless her with the items. Seriously? Sealy King Mattress & Bedframe, for blessing?! Go look for a Holy Monk, or probably some Healer in War of Warcraft la! I ArchAngel meh? Bless simi bless?! You single mother, really in need of bedding, go Salvation Army and you could possibly find yourself a tilam.

Some even lame buyers - mistaken Boon Lay for Boon Keng. Ask 101 questions for a $2 miniature plushie.

Un un un un un believable, that's what you are...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I came across this article talking about horoscope, and I must say it is quite true.


We appear like we have a lot of friends, but those who really know us, or we treat as friends - will just be that few.

We are very lonely creatures. I also read somewhere saying that we are very prone to depression. I can't help but feel that way too.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bad Heal

Fuck this is the first time my jaw is so fucking swollen.

I look like I was punched by someone and my jaw has bluish print on it.

I didn't even get this ugly bruise the first time! Why is the healing process so bad this time?!

Hello? Because I'm two years older now, and with lower metabolism?!

GRRRR. I look like plastic surgery gone botched!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Final Wisdom

My new found wisdom comes once every 2 years it seems.

Back in Q1 2013, I had my first extraction.

I was hesitant about turning up for my appointment.

I recalled telling myself then; that this was going to be the FIRST and the LAST time I had to go through this. With that firm belief in mind, I opened the door of the dental clinic.

Today, I had my 2nd one. Within 2 years, my wisdom teeth (yes, there are 2 of them), sprouted out nonsensically and decided to make eating, chewing and brushing difficult for me. Did I mention gum bleeding at the lower molar?

Since it was the 2nd time, I felt more relaxed compared to the first time. But still, there was still a tinge of anxiety. I knew the painful part would still be the local anaesthesia jabs.

Total of 5, two at the upper and lower molar respectively, and a final one at the palate. I could only utter cries like a dog whose tail was docked at merely 2 weeks old. Every jab felt like the dentist shoved the long needle into my gum and beyond. The final one at the palate felt like he was piercing through my mouth.

After the jabs I felt delirious; like I had a full bottle of wine. My legs felt weak and I couldn't feel much strength left in any part of my body. Minutes after, Dr Oh was working on my upper molar.

"Upper one is always the more difficult one, because you can hardly see them."

However, it was out pretty quickly. I heard only 1-2 drills. And then he was working on the lower molar.

Fucking hell. It was a tedious job. Every uneventful tug he made, he had to drill. There was around 8 drills before that stubborn-as-a-mule tooth decided to release itself from my gums. I got a little impatient after the 4-5 drill. The noise made from the instrument just made my hair stand.

The dental assistant seemed pretty inexperienced as I swallowed a mouth of sticky blood. Ewwww. She was supposed to be sucking off the fluid in my mouth right?! Gosh. But whatever, ordeal over after 1 hour.

I just hope the healing process this time is as smooth as the first.

As usual, the curiosity in me wanted to see the teeth. My lower tooth was in smithereens. Luckily I got them removed in the nick of time. The lower tooth was about to rot as I could pick up an unpleasant smell during the tug-o-war process. I heard root canal is probably 10 times worse!

Oh ya! Something learnt today. Wisdom tooth are usually mirror images of one another. So if you had shitty ones on say the left, be prepared for a set of similarly shitty ones to grow on the right.

I can't believe all 4 of my wisdom teeth had to be removed by surgery. Can you imagine if they all sprouted out at the same time, I had to go for General Anaesthesia instead. Don't wanna think about it.

And oh yah, finally I can say, this is the LAST time I ever have to go through any wisdom tooth shit surgery!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Canine & Human Languages

And they say dogs know what we are talking about. I can't help but agree with this.

Token has been known to understand very basic commands, sentences.

Like he knows when to eat, sit and drink on command. He knows "Toilet" means he has to relieve himself in the toilet. He knows "Inside" means he has to get inside a room.

Earlier I had to say goodbye to him after grooming him at my Mum's. He kept crying after I left. He headed to both his Uncles (my brothers lah); cried and whined. Until my brothers couldn't really understand why his sudden outburst of crying and whining. "Why are you crying?" as they tried to pet his head.

He headed to my Mum, and did the same thing. Crying and whining like a little child seeking his mummy's attention.

My Mum could only comforted him by petting his head; "You are staying here with Ah Ma now. Mummy went home, and you are not living with her anymore. So you be good, OK?"

Token stopped whining after that.

Boy, he understood!

He's such a sweetheart. I feel so bad :(

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ji Li Fish Soup 吉利鱼片汤

I can't say I am a 100% certified food critic. But I can say, I live to eat.

I have my fair share of yummy food, and wouldn't mind travelling the miles just to sink my teeth in them; again and again.

Oh did I also mention; men whom cook, would score the extra brownie point with the girls?! Well at least for me. They are just sexy - you know?

Ok, let's not digress.

Not that they are my parents, I am thick-skinly promoting their stall here. Nah. If their food is average joe, I won't be helping in any advertising efforts on behalf. I would seriously ask them to reconsider their option of wanting to be a food hawker.

Can you imagine if I ask my friends to go and try, and it's just AVERAGE. My head is on the chopping board what!? And c'mon, I am not the typical slim / skinny lady. I am chubby!

So what does that mean?

It just means I have been eating nutritious and yummy food since young.

So, that means my parents are part of the equation on why I have grown to such a 白白胖胖,美丽动人的女子. My mum is the key to the Liews growing up into 白白胖胖 kids. Look at my brothers when they were much younger! Gosh, we were like the Three Brothers!

If not for adolescences, health, social norm, peer pressure, wanting to look good etc, we all would not have exercised and shed the pounds!

Below is one of my favourite food - 面粉果 aka Mee Hoon Kway.

I can easily say this beats the China Whampoa Handmade Noodle @ Whampoa Market, hands down. Mummy said the kway must be hand kneaded and hand thrown to achieve the yummy and good texture version. Whatever we see outside are likely knife sliced, and lacks the texture and bite.

The sad thing is, kway is not on the menu. But she feels that she doesn't have the right level of manpower to establish into this offering - YET.

But, a similar version, minus the 马尼菜, will be served.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.07.24 pm_zpsdbrb4nak.png

Ji Li Fish Soup 吉利鱼片汤

 photo IMG_1430_zpspperxtmv.jpg

Their humble stall at the Jurong Industrial Estate.

Ji Li Fish Soup 吉利鱼片汤 has a history of 15 years since 2000.

It was originally opened in 74 Sungei Kadut Street 1, catering to regulars, blue collar & office workers in the Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate.

Ji Li Fish Soup 吉利鱼片汤 has hence moved to Jurong Industrial Estate, with new and improved recipe!

Not only do we serve the traditional sliced fish soup, you can opt for the fried fish bee hoon if you are in for some milky broth.

In the mood for some healthy fun?  Go for the Double Fish 双鱼汤! Double the fun, double the OOMPH factor!

Avid fish lovers, who love some 'fight' with their food can easily choose the fresh fish head 鲜鱼头汤 option. We are using 红歌里.

Not sure how you would like to go with your soup today?

Rice, thick / thin vermicelli, macaroni, or even handmade noodles (幼面 / 板面)are perfect staples to go with this clear and healthy meal.

Spicy & sour lovers can go for the Tom Yum 冬炎 version!

Lastly, a non fish option for the workers who have a hard day at work, Pork Rib Rice 香味排骨饭!

Bulk orders welcome!

Feel free to call +65 9182 2337 for advance orders!

Address: 1 Soon Lee Street #01-32 Pioneer Centre, Stall No 6, Singapore 627605

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm
Sat: 8am - 3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Parking: Free

Contact: +65 9182 2337

Please feel free to patronise them. Say you knew about their stall via my blog, and you may probably get extra pieces of fresh fish! Hee.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Negative Ninja

Sometimes on days like these, things just feel bleak and gray.

You just want to shut the world out, bury in bed and get a good sleep.

The next day you would have earned a different perspective - likely the same perspective you had the day before. Before you had this shitty let's-shut-the-whole-world-out day. 

PMS - I get more of it. The post menstrual syndromes kind. And it's making me very emotional and pessimistic about things. Couple of occasions tears were about to flow.

I know I will wake up tomorrow, feeling better; and optimism will follow suit. But who knows who I would have hurt in the process of my negativity? 

Shift that energy you are spending on negativity to something more productive, fruitful and possibly meaningful. 



Sunday, April 12, 2015

Serves You Right

So they say - getting married is easier than getting a divorce. That is so fucking true. 

Years ago when people could tell that you were troubled with your relationship - now marriage, they did ask you to reconsider and not settle. 

The fucking obstinate you decided to take the easy, nonchalant approach towards handling issues. Conveniently sweeping everything under the carpet. 

Your very careless retaliation made, oh so casually; "not happy, there's always a divorce". No lack of hesitation, when it was loosely used at your lips. 

Back then you didn't know the pain you have to go through should a divorce comes in play. You thought it was all a game of papers; sign & split. 

Registering your marriage is like what? 30+ bucks. So freaking easy. A divorce (they all call it complicated if you didn't fulfill the minimum 3 years of marriage) can go at 6k. 

Serves you right, Claris. 

You had a choice. 

Yet you chose a miser, stubborn, immature, cannot-lose, male chauvinist pig for a husband. Just because you couldn't bear to part that 10k odd you have forked out to prep for the house and wedding. 

Apparently 10k was more important than your freedom, prime, sanity and status. 

Congratulations for being a dumb woman. 

You could have make a change. You could have stopped everything at the last minute. Advices simply fell to that pair of deaf ears of yours. 

You fell right into the lazy path of convenience - or rather pure avoidance. Having to breathe the same air with one who thinks he's King and he should not be inconvenienced. 

You knew you weren't treated better. You knew you weren't treated right. You knew you could have been adored more, like you were worth it. You knew you weren't cared for enough, like you deserve it. 

You knew it all. Yet you still followed suit with the marriage. Look at the mess you have fallen right in. 

Haha. Serves you right again. 

Everyone saw it. You saw it yourself. 

But you allow your obstinacy to blind you - again and again. 

It is no wonder the previous one whom walked away uttered such crude statement - "I deserve better." I totally resonate with that statement now. 

It all speaks very clearly from a man's first relationship when he is born into this world. His family. 

You could only have yourself to blame. 

You felt that bad vibe, that lack of connection. You saw that "first relationship" with your very own eyes, 7-8 years ago. How he treats his family is how he will treat you in future, since you are going to fall under that same category. 

You saw it, you digested it but yet you didn't act on it. You were equally immature yourself. 

Haha. I'm not going to feel sorry for you. 

So again, serve you right. 

p/s: lessons learnt - definitely. I can't wait to get out of this. To keep myself sane, is to get away from this as soon as possible - even if it means another 10k odd down the drain.