Saturday, March 28, 2015

Toxic & Toxins

I am living with a toxin. I never have such poisonous thoughts running rampant in my brain.

He is making my life toxic.

I cannot imagine having to endure this until Jan 2018 where the bloody house can be sold in the open market.

HDB cannot provide a general guide on the estimated value they will take the house back.

'Submit the divorce papers, and we will investigate.'

This is an obvious risk.

Online stories shared by same ill fated suffers; varies. Some was offered 80-90% of the market valuation. Some got 30-50% of market valuation.

If what HDB offered is lower than what I am currently paying the bank; I will be declared a fucking bankrupt.

I cannot believe I am at the mercy of the government and having to cling onto this toxic and love-less marriage.

They should seriously re-look at the regulations. Why is the minimum occupancy period - 5 years? Why not 3 years? Why isn't it aligned with the stupid matrimonial rules they set, i.e. no questions asked divorce is allowed after 3 years of marriage?

What misery. I need more income so I can move out. Manage your expectations, my boss said. I will.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dullish Pain

I have been experiencing left abdominal pain. It has been coming two weeks.

It hurts at times, when I walk.

It hurts, when I stretch.

It hurts, when I press it.

It feels ominous.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Osaka / Kyoto

I would say my experience in this part of Japan was more cultural than my previous visit here. I love the old houses, streets and temples!

Geishas dress-up was almost everywhere at Kyoto 京都. I didn't go for it since it was going to take me 3 hours, and I didn't want to walk around with a white face. The tempo at Osaka 大阪 was at a slower pace, compared to Tokyo 東京. It felt peaceful.

Most of the ladies were dressed in their Kimonos when we were at the temple.

This post is much overdue, thus I shall avoid the lengthiness. Let's just cover the highlights! And I realise my highlights are ALWAYS about food. OMG. I live to eat. I should be a food taster or something.

Ichiran 一蘭

 photo IMG_0259_zpstrlkp4mh.jpg

Legendary good ramen. Definitely worth RE-visiting! 24 hours some more!

In Japan, ramen dining is fuss-free and casual. You have your own booth; to allow you to slurp the noodles as loud as you can / want, and no one will judge your 吃相.

   photo IMG_0266_zpsnsx4al3e.jpg

Here's my booth. Once my food is served, they will roll down the wooden flaps in front of me; to give me my utmost slurping privacy.

Like below. Here's what I saw opposite me.

 photo IMG_0267_zpsxqer0uwz.jpg

That's my piping hot ramen carried by the staff.

Ramen in Japan is totally customizable!

 photo IMG_0268_zpspyzuqbfj.jpg

My combo was; Less oily, normal softness of noodles, additional spring onions, additional meat, more garlic, 2 times more spicy!

The end result? Power la! I want another bowl!

 photo IMG_0271_zpsgrkgy4s9.jpg

We love our ramen!


One of the must-eat when you are in Osaka. I am just attracted to Japanese sweets & desserts. Jialat. Heng I don't live there!

   photo IMG_0273_zpsdkhbjket.jpg

 photo IMG_0274_zpssozvtjfz.jpg

 Making it fresh.

 photo IMG_0276_zpsru60tn5a.jpg

We found the dining outlet, got ourselves a mini version. It came with ice-cream! YAY.

Look at the curd. Oozing with cream cheese and yes, sins.

 photo IMG_0277_zpspyr81ut8.jpg

Verdict: Yummeh, must eat even if you had 1 full bowl of ramen! BUT, mini version suffice; it can get a little too much.


 photo IMG_0281_zps8ubxrpt4.jpg

Excited us at the train station. We barely slept. Tsk. Bathub again.

Kiyomizu Temple 清水寺

 photo IMG_0294_zpsksgnnar8.jpg

Beautiful scenery, isn't it? Look at the clouds, clear blue skies, and cooling temperature of 20 degrees? Wow, perfect.

Here's two young Japanese girls looking at how they could control their fate in love. Said love stone stated that if you could walk from one end to the other (yes, another love stone) without falling - blind folded; your true love would appear soon.

 photo IMG_0311_zpsjzpu726x.jpg

We had our share of fun too. Love luck!

 photo IMG_0307_zpsjxpcej5p.jpg

Scoop holy water with this wooden ladle; pour over your hands and finally, take a sip of water. You will be blessed. Oh, of course, you cannot be too greedy. So only 1 ladle.

We walked past several stores selling charms. And we decided to do the touristy thing; especially so after we saw this! Ha! LOL.

Must Deepen!

 photo IMG_0312_zpsknrl8sps.jpg

Buy la!

 photo IMG_0313_zps7qcjjxby.jpg

Street Food @ Kyoto

 photo IMG_0356_zpsyxpwwiq4.jpg

Heh heh, Tofu & Sake flavours!

 photo IMG_0333_zpsypicvgf9.jpg

Another 燒! This is 清水燒. We dare not buy more than 1, after what we experienced in Ginza with our 人形燒.

 photo IMG_0429_zps4prev6rh.jpg

Ancient steps and streets. Such a lovely atmosphere. It was so clean, not a rubbish in sight!

Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion/Kyoto 京都祇園天ぷら八坂圓堂

Lovely place for tempura. We were so full, we couldn't breathe. The walk to the touristy souvenirs place wasn't enough to burn the calories off. Oh, we caught a glimpse of a taxi of geishas after dinner!

We took many food photos. Imagine, every single tempura, was served - plate by plate. There were 13 of them??

Before I start posting food, here's a shot of an inspiring photographer.

 photo IMG_0393_zpslpjr7tar.jpg


Ok, I have decided not to post the photos of the tempura up. I am just too lazy. There's like 20 photos of the tempura!

But overall, I would like to say, from appetizer to main course to desserts, it's heavenly.

One thing to note, the chef looked like he meant business.

 photo IMG_0373_zps6mftttnp.jpg

See? He's so serious with his food. This goes to show he will make sure your meal is cooked and served perfect.

His not smiley face just made all the hee-hee-hee waitresses seemed like sunshine. Until Mr Lai fumbled onto his cutleries because of Ms hee-hee-hee over sweetness and smiley-ness. Tsk.

Address: 566 Komatsu-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Japan 605-0811
Verdict: Really good, but it hurts the pockets!

I was told that Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki originated from Osaka.

So? What are you waiting for Miss Liew? Must try!

Takoyaki @ Tennoji Station

 photo IMG_0566_zpsowvaeo1t.jpg

Piping hot! Must 'dine-in'. Because takeaway meant 8 balls!

 photo IMG_0570_zps7oskeyvt.jpg

Didn't manage to try Okonomiyaki - though we passed by several shops at Namba. We were just too full from our yummy Ichiran on Day 1.

Had crab feast! Nothing fantastic, preferred the one we had at Ginza. The service sucked to the core! The staff and customers were all mainland. No wonder.

But I gotta post this. So funny!

 photo IMG_0564_zpsqcbosgox.jpg

Let's see billyness in action!

 photo IMG_0565_zpsywv7oeaz.jpg


Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

Located at Tennoji station, this place is super convenient. Train station is just below the hotel, which is also like within a mall or something. It's modern and new. Love it!

 photo IMG_0577_zpsqstjrkku.jpg

Their magnificent chandelier. Sia came onto my mind.

There's also a Ms hee-hee-hee here. At the lift, Ms hee-hee-hee was engaged in a conversation with Mr Lai.

Ms HHH: So when are you leaving?

Mr Lai: Oh tomorrow.

Ms HHH: *GASP* You are leaving tomorrow?! Oh no! So soon!?

Here comes the classic one.      *DRUMROLL*

She pouted.

I swore there was this 'crow flew pass' awkward moment in the lift, and I was trying so hard to contain my laughter.

Boy, the Japanese were really friendly and service oriented!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chunk Missing

I miss my old posts.

All back dated from 2004 - late 2007?

Can't believe I actually deleted them because I had to get an insecure kid to shut up. That fucker.

Who knows I may just be a full time blogger since eons ago!?

Friday, March 06, 2015

You Tell Me

Just when you thought you are just a normal person - living your own life. And just when you thought those friends you connected on Facebook - are merely acquaintances. That you are not as significant.

You will realise that's not true when you decide to post stuff that's unusual to them.

From my recent Osaka trip, I tagged, posted photos of us, and it seemed to spur an uproar. Ok, I am being dramatic - not really an uproar.

But people whom I rarely contact - acquaintances from all the schools I had attended; all came to me and asked me, why, and what happened.

Either they really care about me as a person, or have too much time to kill, or are just simply nosey.

Then in turn I ask myself, if an acquaintance were to go through the same thing like I did. Will I do what they did?  I realise I won't. Maybe because I don't give a shit. God, I'm really cold or I am not in the mood for gossip chatter.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Valentine

He never fails to amuse and surprise me. His 一不離二,二不離三 tactics are kinda cute.

I wasn't expecting anything other than dinner and spending quality time with him at Marina Bay Sands. Cos he gave me my Valentine gift two weeks ago (yay to iPhone 6!).

The cakes ads, online love note to actual chocolates & a hand written love note. Pandora earrings, necklace to a very cute YMCA dance. Lovely dinner at Morton's The Steakhouse, to a slow walk at the Gardens by the Bay. More wine, and a florist that kinda screwed his surprise up.

He taught me something. Don't expect. And you will be in for a surprise when it happens.

It's been so long I actually enjoyed Valentine's. To me, this is a commercially driven day. He made it different. And oh, I learnt that a month later is White Valentine - where it is the guy's turn to reciprocate their love.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Flu Season

Even the doctor at the clinic has fallen ill before the festive. The flu is everywhere now. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Intensity x 10

23 days after I got back to work, and there is so much to do already.

Strategic planning, business planning, team planning, KPIs, budget allocation, resignation, hiring and more conferences!

Gone were the days where I cut a slack in the first Q of the year.

My body is getting weaker from the lack of sleep and sudden work load. I swear my whites are showing on my scalp as I utilise more brain cells in thinking. My skin is getting drier, and my radiance seem to be slipping away. I'm also perpetually sick it seems.

Come April I'll know if all these are worthwhile. Don't bully Lao Niang.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Helpless Much

The things you do for love? Like turning down a huge paying job in the financial industry just because it doesn't get you to the end goal you want to achieve.

That's huge.

And I can't do anything about it.

I feel so helpless.

And if it were me, that's something I definitely can't do at the moment. I can't stomach it. I have no guts and balls to do it. Maybe I am at the stage where finances aren't stable - and external factors just disallow me to do that.

And he did that. I know why he did that. I appreciate and respect that. I am lost for words actually.

But I just can't help but feel even more helpless about it. Honestly I feel really bad. Sigh.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wrong Choice, Right Place

Everyone is telling him that is a wrong choice to make; considering the big move and letting go of the commitments back home.

The familiar, the used-to, the support, the rapport, the career, the friends, the family, the regular shops he patrons, and even the air he breathes in.

Moving to the unknown, with probably the only one familiar thing - that girl.

When someone is willing to cross such big mountains and huge rivers, for him to get to the right place - that place; the place that he wants to be in, is probably the most beautiful and comfortable place he has ever been in.

It looks like it is right out of a fairy tale.

Such sacrifices - one should no longer doubt.