Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Taiwan KTV Experience

Live the singer wannabe dream when you sing in Taiwan.

Ktvs in Singapore ain't that advanced. No disco balls, technology enabled system, needless to say, a standing microphone on a mini stage.

Totally enjoyed the facilities and features of the 星聚點ktv板橋館. Not only does this place has all of the above, it's also a food galore there!

Sweet popcorn. Fucking sweet fruits (why are fruits in tw so sweet ah?!), wings and cheese balls, braised meat and innards. A bottle of whiskey, mixers only cost SGD126!

The only downside is, we had to wait an hour despite making a reservation. The whole place looks damn posh. It's like a ktv hotel.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nature Love in 武陵

I've always like nature. Especially when it's cold. Totally enjoyed my trip in 武陵. Here's some photos to let them do the talking!

Monday, November 03, 2014


Despite making this amicable, I don't see why I have to tell him what I was doing, what I am doing, where was I, or where am I going.

The non molestation clause is clear enough to determine our current status.

If YOU are reading this; yes, you know who you are, bugger off with all your questions of curiosity. I choose to only answer CERTAIN questions that fall under 'Friends' category as oppose to that of 'close friends'. And you just happen to fall under 'Friends' category only.

Patience, Claris. Endurance.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


I don't particularly like war shows, action shows etc.

But I got to admit that this show - Fury by Brad Pitt was actually quite good. Though there were some scenes I nearly fell asleep (because of the walking and queuing at USS earlier), but overall, it was fantabulous acting from Brad himself. He just looked yummy.

Speaking of the nearly fell asleep part; when was the last time I caught a midnight show? Maybe 6 - 7 years ago? Boy, I no longer have that kind of stamina. Am I old or what? :-(

Anyway, let's not digress. Yes, I think Brad should clock up another of his Oscar trophies for this. His emotions, angst, anger, leadership, loyalty were all pouring out from that character. Commendable acting. Oh well, he IS a veteran actor.

But the effects of the movie, and the gore; just deserves all my 5 popcorns.

Ah, the dude from the Lightning Thief movie, Logan Lerman, was another eye candy here. Of course, you need to have good acting skills as well, to be called an eye candy by MOI.


Halloween Horror Nights 4, that's the first time I ever visited a halloween theme park. It was all an impromptu suggestion, and off we headed to the Universal Studios Singapore for our virgin trip.

 photo 1412809_10152519701567659_1711358787801710287_o_zpsa268c1f6.jpg

I must say it is a waste of money if you pay for the normal ticket. All the haunted houses were packed. Waiting time was 120 minutes to 180 minutes for all the 4 houses in USS. WTF.

We went to only 1 scare zone, Bogeyman. Spent 40 minutes going up Transformer (yes, non Halloween), and another 40 minutes going up the Mummy (yes, non Halloween too). We queued Jack 3-Dementia for like 30 minutes and we gave up. 3 hours of walking around the park was super tiring to be honest.

And oh yes, some idiot stepped on my toe. Scary, also no need run right?

 photo 10523218_10152519702822659_5321902729338470345_o_zps08434548.jpg

Xue and me queuing at Transformer. I must say it really was damn cool. Who knows 10 years later that will be how we enjoy movies. Hyper realistic, 3D thrill ride. Shiok I tell you! I don't mind paying like 50 bucks for a show like that, say Avengers.

 photo 10380580_10152519702517659_7511799731771468950_o_zps73f86974.jpg

Waiting in air-conditioned environment was the only KEY thing for anything that requires WAITING.

The only takeaway here is; you don't have to be scared of these scare actors / actresses. I touched a scare actress face - cupped her face in my palm, as if to caress her for wanting to scare me. She was the one who got scared by me instead. Maybe she thought I was going to beat her up or something, since there were so many articles on how they were mistreated by halloweeners.

I actually wanted to strike up a conversation with one of the scare actors / actresses. But of course, they won't be able to engage with me since they were supposed to pantomime.

If I were to revisit this place again, I may just pay for an express ticket.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Changing Spots

How do one know you have moved on?

When you realize that 听伤心歌, 也不再感伤了.

Many people will think my change is sudden. Not really - if one were to look back since July 2012.

Awaiting a new chapter in life.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Solo Travels

Is the above really dangerous for a woman?

Spoke to many people - men and women, all said the same thing. Yes it's dangerous.

A girl is always at the disadvantage right?

Someone should invent instant sex change. A click of a button, poof, I am a man. Then poof again, I'm back to being woman. With this invention, not only will a default man no longer require a woman to do laundry, cook dishes, sew some clothes; the default woman will have amazing strength and perseverance with a click of a button.

Needless to say, solo travels will not be judged.

Wow just imagine, every human being born into this world has this identity they can swap among from. A child you, teenage you, man you, woman you, senior you. Today I wish to be female Claris, tomorrow I can be a child, attend school, play in the park and worry about nothing. The next day, I can choose to be a macho man and pick up babes in the bar.

Sounds exciting isn't it? Ok enough extreme imagination.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Excite Much!

So looking forward to Taiwan next month! Counting down literally everyday.

All these unhappy stuff, I can't wait to get over / out of it. Lining up with happy stuff is definitely one way to boost self happiness factor.

I'm going to escape Xmas and New Year from SG. CNY too. Yayness!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pho Street @ WestGate

I usually let go and let live.

But yesterday my meal experience at Pho Street wasn't the most pleasant one I had.

Being in the sales and marketing role, I know about ala carte and bundle pricing. And as much as possible, one shouldn't reveal the ultimate price (likely cost price) of a product item here.

So I feel compelled to write this out, especially to the team managing the pricing in Pho Street.

There is this promotion for weekdays (Monday - Thursday). It goes SGD 9.90 (oh yes, fine print, GST is chargeable). Comes with a bowl of pho with roast meat, fried spring rolls and a Vietnamese coffee.

So the ala carte price for Vietnamese Coffee is SGD 2.00. I didn't want to have coffee for dinner, for I want my sleep. So I asked if I could swap it for another drink. The immediate reply was yes, for a dollar more.

Nothing fancy caught my eye. I've recently cut down a lot on sugary drinks (would prefer to cater them for desserts), so I opt for a Dasani bottled water. The water ala carte price is SGD 1.80.

So if you think rationally and logically, I wouldn't need to 'top up' at all right? I mean if I want to put things into context here, Pho Street technically owes me 20 cents here. However, the inflexibility of the staff just raise my probing skills to a max.

They insisted that I couldn't changed for a Dasani. Next, they claimed that Dasani was out of stock. Thirdly, they said I could change for a Dasani - but on the condition that I top up 1 dollar more. I wasn't even asking my 20 cents back, and now they want a dollar more from me.

Doesn't make sense right? 

Heck, it's not that I mind paying a dollar more. I will not flinch if an eatery charges me 50 cents for a glass of water - warm or iced. But the above pricing strategy just doesn't make logical sense.

By doing this, Pho Street has just told everyone that their Vietnamese Coffee has been marked up by at least 10 times its original cost price.

Not very wise pricing strategy here. I believe people will avoid buying the overpriced Vietnamese coffee from you guys.

So when I had a ridiculous experience with price, I become judgmental. Human's nature. I usually don't critic food when it is on a quick dining nature. The pho wasn't exceptional. I could easily find a random peddler along HCM street and said peddler will win with a landslide.

In Vietnam, street hawkers gave an abundance of vegetables to place in your soup. Not forgetting condiments like limes, chili etc. However the said abundance of vegetables and limes were not present in Pho Street.

Next, the spring rolls. I could tell with one bite that these spring rolls had been fried more than once. Its skin was thick, soggy with oil, and the oil aftertaste was really strong. So that explains the 'being fried more than once' analysis.

I didn't finish my pho, left 1 and 3/4 spring rolls untouched, and nope, I didn't touch the coffee either. The couple beside me must be wondering what's wrong with me cos I noticed the lady kept looking at me.

Anyway, should you wish to patronise Pho Street next time, please don't hold up your expectations too high. You need to manage them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dreaded Cough

I've been coughing for coming 2 months. Since 30 July, when I was back from Bangkok. I saw the doctor twice - early August and late August, before my trip to Hong Kong in 6 September.

The whole month of August was nursing my dry cough. But to no avail. There are so many things I have to avoid. The western doctors said, no sour, spicy, chocolate, citrus, vinegar, tomatoes, alcohol etc.

I seek help from a Chinese doctor after I got back from my HK trip. She added these few items to the banned list - coffee / tea, radish, chicken, eggs, fruits.

It is like asking me to be a nun or something. These 2 months of cough shit has made me lost some weight too. I'm 47-ish! OMG. Like a finally after 7 years!

Last Saturday I decided to visit the Doctor which I had a phobia from since young - Nam Seng @ Beauty World. He was the one whom found out I had a cyst / tumour when I was 7. I remember heading straight to the hospital after seeing him. So it's not a good memory - see?

And I don't like the queues at Nam Seng. Waited for a bloody long time to be seen. But Dr Koh is super chop chop. I guess its the medication dispensing that has a slower process. He said I have allergy rhinitis and an infection. And sleeping in silk and feathers will only prevent me from healing completely. Tell me about it, I have a dog too - but of course we don't sleep together in the same room.

He gave me 6 types of drugs! My hand shook after consuming them. Dr Koh said if my condition hasn't improved within 3 days, I had to go back to get my bloodwork and xray done. He suspected it may be mycoplasma bacteria.

My subconsciousness tells me that my condition has indeed improved. So I shall just ignore the fact that I need any bloodwork or xray done. For now.

I wanna get well soon! I'm a 不辣不欢 eater.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kulai 客家菜板 Hakka Cai Ban

This is one of my favourite food in the Hakka cuisine!

客家菜板, also known as Hakka Cai Ban. It goes really well with sweet dark soya sauce!

 photo IMG_0069_zps7c8a2f53.jpg

Our family top 2 favourites; 蒜味菜板, 韭菜菜板

   photo IMG_0067_zpsaff828e3.jpg

My personal favourite is the below! 韭菜菜板!

   photo IMG_0068_zps38815b0a.jpg

I had 7 today - breakfast and lunch. And trust me, if I am not on a diet, I can finish at least 15. Haha.

The difference in 韭菜 and 蒜味 should be chives versus chinese leek. I think. Everything else is the same, the bits of tofu, dried shrimps, garlic etc.

Dad got it from Kulai. I didn't ask him for exact address, but I believe this is the one - Kelapa Sawit, Malaysia. And I believe this is the place - he got his supply of 菜板 whenever he goes into Kulai.

Radio DJ Personality - 100.3 DJ: 黄文鸿, said to be my long distance relative (something along the line), mentioned on his facebook too about 客家菜板. So I believe I have gotten the place right.

So how is he a long distance relative? My grandpa couldn't explain in coherent Mandarin, and neither could I understand Hakka. So till date I have no idea how is the radio DJ related to me. But well, long distance yeah. And oh yeah, I was supposed to have the surname Huang - yeah, Claris Huang. But I also till date have no 100% idea why it was changed to Liew.

The gist of the story was we were all illegal immigrants, thus no one follow my grandpa's actual Chinese surname - Huang.

I love hakka food! And what they said about Hakka women? All are beauties. I totally concur. Haha!