Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pre Trip Emotions

Flying off in 8 hours time.

No words can describe that excitement, anxiety, and hope I am feeling right now. One step at a time babe, that's all you can do now.

I hope my dreams of dancing in the snow, serenading the lovely nature and weather will come true.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

88 hours

more... I will be jet-setting off for my long awaited trip. I really can't wait!

So let me take this opportunity to pen down, look back, reflect on my year, as promised.

2014 has been a fruitful year. Some will say roller coaster, I would like to see my glass half full you see. So it shall be fruitful for me.

I've watched my team grow. I am proud, of course not solely my efforts, but I believe I played a tiny part. Am glad they are where they are now, though our numbers don't look a tiny bit optimistic at all.

Am glad that I've learnt from the Aussies. Am glad that I've acquainted my boss at CDP, learnt a lot from her - personally and professionally.

I was informed of the great news yesterday, that I've gotten the role that I have always wanted! I remember telling my future boss that 4 years ago, I told my interviewers that this would be my short term goal should I be selected for the position. Boy, 4 years ain't short at all. Claris, you took a long way to climb. But I am glad you did it. Now, get ready to learn, and ascend again for the next milestone.

I am definitely looking forward to an exciting 2015. With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, a tad challenging, but hey, I've always enjoy some challenges. That's the fun part right?

Ok, some updates on my family life.

The old folks wound up their fish stall, got hired by some middle age rich dude. After 7 months of missing KPIs (not that their food sucks - the long house folks took over!), that dude decided to ask them to leave. Not a very nice exit strategy, but now we all know how the rich gets richer. Dad is now working beside the famous maggi mee stall in Bt Panjang, whereas Mum is working in Bengawan Solo (have to thank Xue's mum for that). Looks like they want to change employment again. Ah, whatever they wish.

Am glad that my brothers progressed as well. Jun took on a regional role, has plenty of opportunities to travel for work. Song proposed, got himself a queue number in Boon Keng, and looks like he's ready to go down the marriage and housing path!

And oh, myself. I've learnt to move on - when it comes to the matters of the heart. Letting go, is not an easy feat. But I finally let go, which means I can let live.

So yes, live and let live, and my heart is finally pounding again. I hope it is for long this time.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Judgement Day

Today marks the J day. I feel a strong sense of relief.

After the interview, I realised I have utilized all my sugar to keep my heart pumping due to the adrenaline rush.

And ICE CREAM was the first thing I thought of. And now this is off my shoulders - that load. I can finally enjoy my long holiday in peace.

YIPEE! 11 more days, I can't wait!

I feel like a high school girl once again!

Friday, December 05, 2014

Take a Lil Reflection

2014 has been a roller coaster ride. Since when life isn't a roller coaster ride?

This post should be done in December, preferably on the last day of the year. However I may be happily looking at the skyline view of Yokohama; and this may not get out.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet. While waiting for dear colleague to pick me up to head to my University for an appointment.

Next Monday is quite the Judgement Day for my career in the company. Looking at the document shared, it seems pretty evident who am I up against for the role.

All I can say is, wish me luck. More updates on my life in the next post!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Taiwan KTV Experience

Live the singer wannabe dream when you sing in Taiwan.

Ktvs in Singapore ain't that advanced. No disco balls, technology enabled system, needless to say, a standing microphone on a mini stage.

Totally enjoyed the facilities and features of the 星聚點ktv板橋館. Not only does this place has all of the above, it's also a food galore there!

Sweet popcorn. Fucking sweet fruits (why are fruits in tw so sweet ah?!), wings and cheese balls, braised meat and innards. A bottle of whiskey, mixers only cost SGD126!

The only downside is, we had to wait an hour despite making a reservation. The whole place looks damn posh. It's like a ktv hotel.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nature Love in 武陵

I've always like nature. Especially when it's cold. Totally enjoyed my trip in 武陵. Here's some photos to let them do the talking!

Monday, November 03, 2014


Despite making this amicable, I don't see why I have to tell him what I was doing, what I am doing, where was I, or where am I going.

The non molestation clause is clear enough to determine our current status.

If YOU are reading this; yes, you know who you are, bugger off with all your questions of curiosity. I choose to only answer CERTAIN questions that fall under 'Friends' category as oppose to that of 'close friends'. And you just happen to fall under 'Friends' category only.

Patience, Claris. Endurance.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


I don't particularly like war shows, action shows etc.

But I got to admit that this show - Fury by Brad Pitt was actually quite good. Though there were some scenes I nearly fell asleep (because of the walking and queuing at USS earlier), but overall, it was fantabulous acting from Brad himself. He just looked yummy.

Speaking of the nearly fell asleep part; when was the last time I caught a midnight show? Maybe 6 - 7 years ago? Boy, I no longer have that kind of stamina. Am I old or what? :-(

Anyway, let's not digress. Yes, I think Brad should clock up another of his Oscar trophies for this. His emotions, angst, anger, leadership, loyalty were all pouring out from that character. Commendable acting. Oh well, he IS a veteran actor.

But the effects of the movie, and the gore; just deserves all my 5 popcorns.

Ah, the dude from the Lightning Thief movie, Logan Lerman, was another eye candy here. Of course, you need to have good acting skills as well, to be called an eye candy by MOI.


Halloween Horror Nights 4, that's the first time I ever visited a halloween theme park. It was all an impromptu suggestion, and off we headed to the Universal Studios Singapore for our virgin trip.

 photo 1412809_10152519701567659_1711358787801710287_o_zpsa268c1f6.jpg

I must say it is a waste of money if you pay for the normal ticket. All the haunted houses were packed. Waiting time was 120 minutes to 180 minutes for all the 4 houses in USS. WTF.

We went to only 1 scare zone, Bogeyman. Spent 40 minutes going up Transformer (yes, non Halloween), and another 40 minutes going up the Mummy (yes, non Halloween too). We queued Jack 3-Dementia for like 30 minutes and we gave up. 3 hours of walking around the park was super tiring to be honest.

And oh yes, some idiot stepped on my toe. Scary, also no need run right?

 photo 10523218_10152519702822659_5321902729338470345_o_zps08434548.jpg

Xue and me queuing at Transformer. I must say it really was damn cool. Who knows 10 years later that will be how we enjoy movies. Hyper realistic, 3D thrill ride. Shiok I tell you! I don't mind paying like 50 bucks for a show like that, say Avengers.

 photo 10380580_10152519702517659_7511799731771468950_o_zps73f86974.jpg

Waiting in air-conditioned environment was the only KEY thing for anything that requires WAITING.

The only takeaway here is; you don't have to be scared of these scare actors / actresses. I touched a scare actress face - cupped her face in my palm, as if to caress her for wanting to scare me. She was the one who got scared by me instead. Maybe she thought I was going to beat her up or something, since there were so many articles on how they were mistreated by halloweeners.

I actually wanted to strike up a conversation with one of the scare actors / actresses. But of course, they won't be able to engage with me since they were supposed to pantomime.

If I were to revisit this place again, I may just pay for an express ticket.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Changing Spots

How do one know you have moved on?

When you realize that 听伤心歌, 也不再感伤了.

Many people will think my change is sudden. Not really - if one were to look back since July 2012.

Awaiting a new chapter in life.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Solo Travels

Is the above really dangerous for a woman?

Spoke to many people - men and women, all said the same thing. Yes it's dangerous.

A girl is always at the disadvantage right?

Someone should invent instant sex change. A click of a button, poof, I am a man. Then poof again, I'm back to being woman. With this invention, not only will a default man no longer require a woman to do laundry, cook dishes, sew some clothes; the default woman will have amazing strength and perseverance with a click of a button.

Needless to say, solo travels will not be judged.

Wow just imagine, every human being born into this world has this identity they can swap among from. A child you, teenage you, man you, woman you, senior you. Today I wish to be female Claris, tomorrow I can be a child, attend school, play in the park and worry about nothing. The next day, I can choose to be a macho man and pick up babes in the bar.

Sounds exciting isn't it? Ok enough extreme imagination.