Saturday, September 13, 2014

Love the Gore

I love gore movies. Sick to the core, nauseating, psycho shit films. I've been tracking some of these shows, and trying my best to find them since some of them are back dated before I was born.

Girls usually wince when they watch such shows. Some don't even bother to try. I didn't flinch at all. The dark side of me I guess.

Here's a link:

I'm too manly I guess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hong Kong Love

Good food eaten, wine drunk, long hidden shopping instinct dug up, friendships forged stronger, relationships deepened, laughter shed, amused evilly, & my initial theory prevails (ok that is very evil and mean of me, but whatever).

But I still love Hong Kong for whatever it is. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the security, the shopping (I bought many Japan and Korean labels), and the hospitality I get from my HK friends.

 photo 10552389_10152512587443612_1915156541116589877_n_zps6b8aac81.jpg

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baked Salmon in Garlic & Mayonnaise

We seldom eat fish at home. Not only because my culinary skills in the area of seafood is very private limited, but they are slightly more expensive than meat, so we only have seafood once in a blue moon. But well they are packed with good nutrients! *shrugs*

So last Sunday was that blue moon. I made salmon.

Baked Salmon with Garlic & Mayonnaise, served with sauteed asparagus, cherry tomatoes and baked potato.

 photo 10636400_10154602953630602_60221996279953833_o_zpsefe4cb84.jpg

Here's my recipe.

Serves 2 pax.

200 grams of salmon steak x 2
Russet potatoes x 2

2 cloves of garlic
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Olive oil

4 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of japanese mayonnaise
1/2 tsp of olive oil

1. Pre heat oven at 200 degrees Celsius.
2. Wash and scrub the skin of the potato with a brush. Poke potato all over with fork. This is to allow it to breathe in the oven. Other recipes said if you don't do this, the potato will 'explode' inside your oven.
3. Apply olive oil all over the potato skin.
4. Rub salt and pepper all over the skin.
5. Place on baking dish and into the 2nd level of the oven.
6. Set timer to 45 minutes.

7. Wash the salmon, and pat dry with kitchen towel.
8. Rub salt and pepper all over the fish
9. Apply olive oil on the salmon skin (if you are using cod fish, there is no need for this)
10. Place salmon on the baking dish, skin side down.
11. Chop / blend garlic, add mayonnaise, olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper.
12. Spread blended garlic mayonnaise on the flesh side.

13. Oven timer goes off, place salmon into the oven at 4th level (lowest)
14. Set timer for another 15 minutes.

15. Meanwhile, heat saucepan to medium / high heat. Drizzle olive oil.
16. Stir fry asparagus and garlic.
17. Shake occasionally.
18. Cook for 10 minutes.
19. Throw in cherry tomatoes, shake occasionally.
20. Cook for another 3 minutes, or until skin of tomatoes have wrinkled.

Quite yummy. I thought I went a little overboard with the salt in my sauce. Must take note of that. If not, everything was perfect. The fish is well cooked, and my potatoes too.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Boon Tong Kee & Salted Caramel

We went to Balestier Boon Tong Kee two Sundays ago. Didn't have time to blog about this.

The chicken rice was great yum, but Le Husband thought it was just very 'normal' and the pricing was exorbitant. I was so famished and excited with my food I ate without snapping any photos. Lol.

We waited for 20 minutes to get seated. It was already mad crowded at 6.15pm - and I thought Singaporeans only eat at 8pm. Pffft.

One portion was about 5 bucks. I am a meat eater, less of a rice person, so I ordered 2 portions of meat for myself only, and he ordered 1 portion of breast for himself (I still cannot appreciate BREASTS). The service staff raised her eyebrow when I said I wanted 2 portions myself. And we topped it off with a Four Heavenly King vegetable 四大天王. It's yummy stir fried sambal lotus roots, chinese leeks and snow peas with kacang.

Le Husband had a sudden craving for desserts. He decided to bring me to Salted Caramel! Thanks to Mr Google for suggesting that. I was telling him how H praises the waffles over in Salted Caramel!

 photo 10599487_10154577044230602_2258522066168235553_n_zpsab5e2c10.jpg

This one I managed to snap a picture! Love them waffles! Of course, what's waffles without yummilicious ice-cream?!

Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier

401 Balestier Rd
Singapore 329803

Operating Hours:
11:00 am – 5:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 5:30 am

Salted Caramel

246F Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thu : 1200-2300
Eve of PH, Fri & Sat : 1200 - 0200

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Further Studies

I kinda miss school. Sudden desire to pursue my MBA. But the price tag doesn't seem attractive. The tenure as well.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Tiny We Are

I don't wanna sound deep and dark.

But I realise this year there have been many tragedies happening around lately. Well you can say this is the result of globalisation, where social media is rampantly updating us on the daily happenings. But is that a case of on-time updates, or a case of maybe the end is near?

1. Ebola in West Africa
2. Bangkok protests
3. Vietnam protests
4. Missing Flight MH370
5. Downing of Flight MH17
6. Capsize of Korean ferry MV Sewol
7. Chaos in Russia and Ukraine
8. Chaos in Iraq by ISIS
9. Chaos in Gaza
10. Air Algerie Flight AH5017 down
11. Crash of TransAsia Airways GE222
12. Gas explosion in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
13. Earthquakes, landslides, sink holes, tornadoes, super erratic weathers.

Hell, the list goes on. I don't know.

And yeah, recently I have been hearing the demises of people around me. Like how a friend of mine - D, his uncle passed on due to a heart attack. Guess what triggered that heart attack? The sudden loud engine noise coming from the jet fighter during NDP rehearsal.

How my 3rd aunt from Malaysia, whom mysteriously left us in April. She had high fever, and was ill for 2 weeks. And then she's gone. That really shocked my family. She's in her early 50s?

How my grandpa, whom also left this world in May. Bedridden and paralysed from his stroke; he was never the same again since that attack 4 years ago. I choose to believe he went to a better place.

How my senior dog, Token; had his first epilepsy, followed by 8 sessions of seizures there after. I was helpless, and the sight of him going through the seizure really pains me. Even though the vet / my research shows that he doesn't experience any pain during the seizure. He now has to be on medication - perpetually. Where's my once healthy little Token?

Another friend of mine - G, whom suffered internal bleeding and blood clot in her brain - thank god she is okay now. The doctor was saying how lucky she was! The 33% group whom survive without any paralysis.

Lastly, another case where a friend's dad is suffering from a rare form of cancer. All T could do now is to ensure the remaining months left of his dad, are all well spent.

Oh gosh, so dark. What I know for sure is, I realise how precious our lives are - after hearing or experiencing all these. I have learnt that I should prioritise time well for my loved ones and family. Sure, work is important, your career too. But you never know what will happen the next day. So please make sure to live the day like it's your last.

At least fulfilled, without regrets.

Heck, I don't even hate / detest my MIL anymore. But NO WAY am I living under the same roof with her. In any case Le Husband reads this.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beauty Products Lelong @ Carousell


Some stuff to sell.



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bananas Overdose

They say dogs will have diarrhea if they consume more than 1 banana.

Token had 3 large bananas. And he didn't go bananas - down there.

I bought a bunch of bananas few days ago. Had 2, and left 3, waiting to be consumed. They had ripen over the days, but it didn't occur to me that I should have them removed from my s hook.

I came home to see my 3 bananas - GONE.

 photo 532c34c6df88f7071422466bf24c263f_zps925b3a9c.jpg

What was left was some remnants of what seemed like blackened banana skin. Token's tummy was incredibly bulging that afternoon.

He must be jumping for joy when 3 large bananas 'fell from the sky'. Sneaky little bastard. He had too much bananas that I didn't give him any dinner that night!

Token has proven a theory wrong though. He didn't have diarrhea, at all. He just peed and pooed a lot. Haha.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Token and My Thumb

It was a bright sunny day, and I thought it would be good if we bring Token to the Botanical Gardens for a walk, and have brunch at the Food for Thought Cafe. But it didn't really go as planned.

He had his first fits. Just right below my house. It all happened in a blur as I thought he was just walking beside me. Never did I know the next minute I heard him let out a yelp and he fell on his side. 

He started shaking violently - his limbs were all rigid. You could tell that his legs and limbs were awkwardly lifted off the ground.

Token started foaming from his mouth. He urinated and defecated. I still had no idea he was going through epilepsy. Luckily there was another dog owner on site. He came over and was saying that 
Token was having a seizure. I raised my eyebrow and asked quite naively, 'Dogs and seizures?'

He affirmed my doubts. He made Token sat up (which I read is something you shouldn't do if your dog has a seizure). So Token was facing me. His eyes seemed dazed. I extended my tissue to wipe his foam near his mouth. That's when he sinked his teeth into my thumb.


 photo 20140602_160917_zpsynkhnkvz.jpg

I tried to pull my thumb out from his mouth but to no avail. I had no idea that their teeth were designed to puncture. That explained the lacerated and gaping wound. Yeah those yellow stuff were my fats - not maggots please.

It was so painful that my whole hand went numb. I couldn't get Token to open his mouth. Luckily Mr Dog Owner was around! Not everyone know where to / how to open a canine's mouth.

It was a Sunday. At 12pm sharp. Where the hell was I supposed to find a doctor?! And especially one that does surgery!

I headed to Jurong Medical Centre, not open. I headed to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre. I called the clinic I Googled. They were supposed to close at 12.30pm. It was 12.20pm - but no one answered the call. I guess the clinic assistant called it a day. I wandered around the place to find a 24 hour clinic. Thank god there was one. 

A quick check to ensure they do stitching, and I was placed in priority queue to see the locum. Great. He looked darn young, and after a look at my wound, he suggested that I head to the Emergency instead. 

Argh, that's where I wanted to avoid in the first place! Everyone know how packed it gets!

We headed to Alexandra Hospital. The rest was history. I was told my wound required 5 stitches if it weren't an animal bite. I had to leave the wound opened overnight to ensure there wasn't any site of infection. 

Thank god there wasn't any. Stitched twice, and I was good to go. It was the temporary loss of my thumb that I realize we all utilize our thumbs VERY often. The doctor said it is the mostly used finger on our hand. Right…

Anyway, I have to thank my lucky stars. Mr Dog Owner was around to pry my thumb free. He owns a chihuahua so I guess Token's strength must have 'shocked' him. I saw him again around my garden and  went to thank him. That was when I knew that he didn't escape unscathed either. Token's teeth was just too sharp. 

I also want to thank the doctor whom attended to me in AH. He's a senior consultant in A&E - Dr C C C. He knows a fair bit on canines - got me all engaged when he was mending / stitching / cleaning my wound. That's a fucking good tactic cos I forgot about most of the pain. Dr C C C went above and beyond his duty as an A&E surgeon to ensure I was en route to recovery. 

Here's a nice photo of happy Token to thank my lucky stars. I know he didn't bite me on purpose. He was still in his seizure mode. I forgive you okay bao bao.

 photo 20140706_155952_zps3nizxofq.jpg

Monday, August 11, 2014

Budget & Save! Getting a new BTO

It's been 1.5 years since I've moved into my own nest. There are things that I would have done, or stepped up to do better, if I could turn back time.

Things I would have done better:

Floor Tiles
HDB default floor tiles suck to the max. It is ceramic - which I heard is one of the cheaper type of flooring you would NOT want to have in your home. If you are on a budget, homogeneous tiles are a better choice than ceramic. If you have some spare cash, and would like a lavish home, of course you will consider granite or marble. If you do not have pets; parquet or teak will be something you might want to consider.

Okay back to why I say it suck. Firstly, it is of matte finishing. So, stains come on easily. Scratches too. A lazy person like me; likes to drag my chairs, tables etc. So can you imagine the dark lines left behind if the stoppers are dirty?

Second, it chips easily. I am a clumsy person. I dropped my bowl once in my kitchen while trying to place it on my dish rack. It slipped through my hand, and the next thing I know it was on the floor. The bowl was smashed - that I wasn't too concerned. My kitchen ceramic tiles was chipped. Le Husband wasn't too happy. I wasn't too happy either. I remember dropping breakable stuff in my mum's kitchen before, and don't ever recall chipping of her kitchen flooring. And yes, hers was homogeneous tiles.

Now my entire house, except my MBR (master bedroom), has a ugly looking flooring. It stains, and looks like I've not mopped for ages. I have given up hope cleaning. Initially we used to be very diligent. We used JIF to remove the stains. After 2 weeks, we concluded that the stains are inevitable. BAH.

I also regretted choosing the doors from HDB. Yes, it's solid wood, or is it semi solid? But I realise they are a tad too big for toilets. A grown up Eric Cartman would have problem shitting if I decided to open the toilet door. Not because he is disturbed by my presence, but due to the fact that the door would have jammed up in between his legs. We expanded a room with our MBR, so we had to sacrifice ONE door. I remember it cost 600 per door from HDB? Very costly.

Time wasn't on our side. We got the keys in late December. We sourced for IDs in January. And settled for NorthWest before they closed for CNY break. That was when workers go for their long vacation. 15 days I heard. And Qing Ming will be in April - and we had to move in before QM. So can you imagine how tight for time we were? If we miss the QM threshold, we have to wait till June.

We didn't like the idea of a house left vacant for good 6 months (I heard dirty stuff may choose to reside seeing it vacant). So we opt for the chase. We are impressed with NorthWest Interior, whom delivered the house on 19 March, when they only started 18 February.

I bought a lot of my stuff from TaoBao, China! Below are one of the big savings we had;

LED Downlights
We combed Balestier to ask for quotes. It was quite tiring to be honest. But that was also the fun part. This dude said to us, 'Our stuff are from China. Taiwan is also part of China! Those shops that claim their stuff are not from China, are likely lying to you.'

Of course, we all know. So he gave me the idea of getting it from China myself.

He quoted me SGD50 per downlight for my 4-room. I needed about 20 of them. Guess what it cost me from TaoBao, inclusive of air freight? SGD22 per downlight.

A typical nice chandelier like the below cost around SGD400 to 500 if you walk into Balestier.

 photo 62434_10152698395610602_968210447_n_zps77c72662.jpg

I got mine at SGD100 with shipping. I paid another SGD150 to get an electrician to install for me.

Korean Wallpaper
We were quoted 700 bucks just to do a living room wall. I procured at 80 bucks with shipping, and paid a wallpaper installer SGD250 to finish the job.

A carpet in IMM cost around 1k. I got a similar one, at only SGD80 with shipping.

Water Fittings
I got my rain shower, toilet tap - all from Kohler, from Taobao. Glass shelves, clothes rack are also there. Still durable. Haven't rust.

Feature Crystal Clock
A clock like this cost 100 dollars in places like Action City. Mine was only 14 dollars with shipping?!

We left a basin with the freight forwarder. The size was too big for our toilet counter top. But well the basin cost only SGD26? The only boo boo we had from Taobao shopping was our water feature for fengshui purposes. It cost us almost 400 all in. The pump it's not as strong as before. One of the LED lights is gone. The coating of crystal ball is peeling off.

We saw a cheaper version in Singapore. Damn.

Well you can't possibly have all the hits right.

Last but not least, the one thing you need to know when you speak to IDs or Contractors. Don't ever let them know your real budget. They are definitely going to inflate your given number. We played by this rule, and our ID worked out to a figure we are comfortable paying with, right from the start. Of course, we squeezed him quite hard too. Sales people what. Haha.

It feels good to know that you save a lot of money. I think it's a girl's thing. Cheap thrill you say.