Friday, August 30, 2013

30 Days Away

Shucks. My big day is just 30 days away. I am having the cold feet.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The T Companies

For bride to bes who wishes to save some money printing their wedding inserts in Singapore, please remember to do the below before attempting anything else.

- Get your wedding cards with you off hand. We should have collected the cards from T Dragon. They took only 2-3 days to prepare the cards.

- Ensure the JB printer works on weekends. Do feel intrigued and asked questions to self like 'Their shop at shopping center, cannot possibly work 9-6 Monday to Friday like what they state online right?' We could have gotten T & T Printing to print way earlier should we know they open weekends.

- Note to self: Remember the rates of miscellaneous stuff like gold ribbons so you can compare rates.

- Ensure you know how to write your parents' names in Chinese.

- Ensure the level of where your banquet is held is accurate. Our differs in the contract versus the one we had gotten from T Dragon. Luckily my fire eyes spotted this mistake and enquired with our new events manager. Now we know why the old events manager left.

T & T charges us SGD 40 versus the rates we enquired locally at SGD 100. Malaysia boleh!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Interior Design

I think we have decided on whom to select after reviewing so many quotations. Shall update again when everything is finalised.

Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LASIK Graduate

I graduated from Eagle Eye Centre! Finally!

A graduating card signed off by Dr Theng. Thank you for the wonderful job in letting me achieve my almost eagle eye sight now. My left is over corrected by 0.25, but my right is 6/6 vision.

A token of appreciation from them to their patients. Haha. Of course lah. We paid a premium! If only these gifts are costed back as rebates off the packages, I think we will appreciate better.

 photo photo-1-1_zps776894d6.jpg

Close to 3.5k spent after adding in the pre and post examinations. I shall take better care of my eyes now. And yay, I can wear colored lenses for cosmetic purposes. It was actually a MYTH when they claimed you couldn't wear lenses after doing a LASIK surgery.

Dr Theng said, 'Didn't you wear lenses too - when you were recovering for the first 24 hours after your surgery?'

Ding Ding! Lightbulb moment.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Post Open Door

Went 'home' to collect my 5-day old pineapple. Hee. Sounds kinda weird to say that. Pineapple smelled very nice - despite being 5-day old and barbecuing under the hot sun.

My green beans have sprouted into tau gays. Shall leave it there and clear it on Saturday when we bring up a potential ID dude to view. Seriously I really wonder does it give them a better idea to literally look at the place?

The thought of sweeping the salt, rice and beans off the house just puts me off now. There's no electricity yet in my place. And I am so exhausted from work. Pfffttt.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Open Door Ceremony

We observed the time given to us by David Tong. Armed with a pineapple, uncooked rice, salt, green beans, and a plate of green beans - planted on wet cotton pads; we shouted, 'HUAT AH!' as the main door was opened.

We didn't manage to perform a curler with the pineapple. Chinese says the spot where the pineapple lands will be the MOST prosperous spot. If one can make the pineapple enter your master bedroom - that will be the most ideal for the home owners.

We met our next door neighbours - Chinese family of three. The couple seems to be in their mid 30s, with a 5 year old daughter (i think). Thank god they seem like nice people. Hope they are dog lovers too.

Our house is really small. The kitchen is extremely small. I thought we could have two rows of kitchen countertops, looks like we can only do with one instead. Shall place the other cabinets on top, at the same time I can install my hood. A tiny corner will be our fridge and beside it shall be a full length cabinet to store the dry food, goodies, condiments and snacks.

Our house's windows open out instead of the sliding mechanism. The rubber you close into, seem fragile. We broke two on site already.

The service yard clothes liner seems cumbersome. It's kinda lame to slowly lower them down when lowering them back up seem like an easy feat. And the poles are so short. One full bed sheet cannot be fully spread out. That means more days needed to dry them. I like my mum's style; indoor and outdoor. It's all perpendicular against my window grill. So all clothes are not neglected versus the new way of airing - parallel against your window grill.

HDB gave us solid wooden doors - even for our toilets! They are huge and take up a lot of space. I doubt wood can last at all with water. Can you imagine washing toilets and you got to be oh-so-careful with your door because they can't take in much water? I cannot imagine Token peeing on my toilet door when he lifts his leg up. Duh.

Looks like we got to install bi-fold kinds, water friendly.

I can't wait to complete my house fengshui audit. This way we can start talking to Interior Designers, and have a rough idea how my new home will look like.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Love Thy Skin

I recently purchased 6 boxes of birdnests from ZTP to be cooked and consumed on a weekly basis. This regime will last for at least 40-48 weeks, depending on how many pieces of birdnests are packed in a box.

This is week 4 of my very expensive beauty regime. It is also past my full monthly cycle and I am keeping my fingers crossed! No outbreaks thus far - before, during or after my menses! Hurray!!

Hope it stays that way, and be even better! Imagine bouncy, springy, and translucent skin! AND the natural blush!! Not forgetting how it nourishes my lungs and whatever organs.

I love birdnests!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Proud Owners

We are proud owners, finally!

But it does feel very heavy. I felt sick in my stomach (not because of yummy Delifrance) after signing all the documents. I am officially full of liabilities, and have to work my ass off to support a 20 year mortgage.


We haven't moved into our flat yet, we already paid our first conservancy fee. Wicked. Need to apply for water and electricity supplies once renovation is starting. And that means, paying for bills already! Way before we move in!

CPF savings wiped out. Luckily I still have a sum locked in unit trust and stocks. In the event of unemployment, that will be my backup.

Oh well, just suck it in, and walk it through! This coming Saturday will be our grand door opening ceremony. Can't wait! The Boy has mobilization that day. I hope he only gets activated in the late evening.  *cross fingers*

Should Token come too?

Friday, January 04, 2013

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Two hours ago I was in a jittery state. I couldn't finish lunch, and my mind was wandering to the potential risks, swelling and level of pain I would be going through after my wisdom tooth surgery.

The troubled teeth were aching since many years ago. It didn't really bothered me much then. However, the pain returned last November, whereby the clenching of my jaws could also mean throbbing and aching. This led to headaches which was quite unbearable.

I mustered up my courage to finally make an appointment with Dr Oh Ching Hong from All Smiles @ Jurong West.

As I was walking to the clinic, I really wanted to back out by convincing myself that the pain hasn't visited me for two weeks. But the angelic Claris dominated the situation, and I registered myself at the dental clinic.

I was expecting an extraction from my upper jaw, and a surgery on my lower jaw. After sitting down on the dentist chair and two shots of X-ray, it was to my surprise that my upper jaw actually needed a surgery instead. The wisdom tooth was slanted towards my other tooth.

Surgery means more complication. Alas I really want to walk away then but hack. Let's take a gamble. After obtaining my consent, the pain in the ass shit commenced.

He injected my gums. Oh fuck it was quite uncomfortable after my first shot. He said there's 4 more to go! I was cursing in my head why did I have to go through this ordeal. Finally the fifth shot. He warned that it would be slightly more uncomfortable than the rest. He injected at my palate. Ouch it was really sooooo painful that I let out a cry. It would have scared off any patients waiting outside, trust me.

It was 2.30pm, he blindfolded me with a gauze to prevent any fluids from entering my eyes. I could still see the lights and the silhouette of the tools that he began working on my teeth.

He worked on my upper jaw first. It was quite smooth. Bit of drilling and tadah the whole tooth came off after some tugging. I guess gravity helps here as well. I was wondering - 'Wow! So smooth one meh?'

My second tooth was pretty fucked up - so I took back my initial conclusion about it being smooth. The lower tooth was growing perpendicularly against my other teeth. The drilling got on my nerves and I felt like shouting out 'Are you finally done with drilling?!' The noise STILL irks me anytime. And it sent a tingling sensation to spots where he drilled a tad too long. He practically chipped my molar into 4 parts or more, and I could feel the tugging like many times.

His words of encouragement were quite comforting throughout the process. You would really wonder if you have literally 'done well'. Or was the whole process 'a really good job' after all. Then the most pleasing sentence came - 'OK, all out!'

Hurray, I heaved a sigh of relief. Like yay! After sewing me up, the blindfold was lifted. The clock said 2.55pm. Amazingly fast. Another 2 shots of x-ray to confirm that there wasn't anything left behind cos the root tip of the upper tooth was slightly chipped off.

Voila! I was done. I felt slightly delirious as I finally got over this shit - I actually chickened out from my first appointment set half a year ago - after my Taiwan photoshoot. But most of the time I was experiencing an adrenaline rush - just like my LASIK.

I swore my hands were still shaking after the surgery - cos I was asked to re-sign the medisave form.

But well, now the post operation care commences. Just threw away my first cotton bud. It was soaked with a lot of blood. Luckily I am okay with the taste of blood in my mouth. My right cheek and lip still feel very numb. My lips could hardly close fully. Yes, I am starting to look like a half face chipmunk or something.

Dr Oh said I could consume solid food, and brush my wound gently tonight during my brush teeth regime. Holy shit. Really?

The aftermath;


Going to see him a week later for removal of stitches. That's another pain in the ass post operation care to observe. Dickson said he was given a injection lookalike thingy to gush out any remnants of food stuck in the 'dark hole'.

Dr Oh has gentle hands, and luckily he was quite a chatty dude. Helped calm your nerves during tough times.

p/s: Oh, did I also mention that this other dentist on shift today was such a cutie?! Haha.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Pre Blues Wisdom

I am scheduled for my wisdom tooth surgery and extraction later tomorrow. I am so scared now!

But really Claris. You have gone through LASIK surgery, fighting all the thoughts of losing your possible sight, what is a mere wisdom tooth surgery to you? You can one lah!